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We are a collection of retirees who with fair success for the past decade would like to share our knowledge with fellow retirees.  In this website we review various options for retirement.  Our full reviews are available via email, just drop your name and email address at the footer of each review page.  You will then be part of our mailing list and we will send you our free monthly newsletter and other critical updates.

Below are a definition of some general senior investments worth looking into:

Retirement Investment

Seniors can work to build their wealth before or during their retirement. It is always wise to consult with a tax professional and a financial planner to determine the best possible path forward for your individual needs. Most people will find it is possible to build their portfolio even with small investments made over time. However, consistency is important. It is also very important to take the time to work with a variety of investment methods that fit your lifestyle and your long-term goals.


One of the most common methods for building a retirement portfolio is through a 401k. This type of investment is meant to be used throughout your working life with smaller investments taken from your paycheck and placed into your retirement account every pay cycle. It offers a number of benefits including the ability for employers to match your contributions. Some employers may elect to match your contributions 100 percent ? meaning whatever you put into your account they will double.

The benefit of a 401k is that the funds are tax-deferred. This means that you are not taxed on the funds at the time of receiving your paycheck (or putting the funds into your account). Rather, the funds grow in value due to the underlying investments made in them over time. When you are ready to begin withdrawing funds from your 401k, you can do so after your retirement age.  You can make lump sum payments into and take out funds from your 401k at various levels after your retirement age.

Stock Market

The stock market is one of the options for investment as well. Some individuals choose to invest in the stock market directly, such as through an investment firm. However, you can also invest in other retirement accounts or tax-deferred accounts as well. Stock market investment can be very risky, or it can be rather safe, depending on the investments you make. For that reason, most people should work with an investment planner for the tasks. Stock market investment can be adjusted to meet your individual goals ? including whether you want to invest in high-risk stocks for the potential of a larger return ? or in lower risk options if you are closer to your retirement.


Bond investment can be a good way to hedge at least some of the risk for your retirement investments. That is, bonds allow you to pay into them and the money is paid back to you at a specific date with interest. Bonds have long been an important way for government organizations to raise money, though various forms are available. There is some risk here. However, bonds allow consumers to reduce some of the risk created through other retirement accounts ? such as from stock market investment. Bond investing should also be done through a financial planner whenever possible.

Mutual Funds

Some seniors may benefit from investing in mutual funds. This is one of the easiest ways to invest, and it can prove to be worthwhile for those who want to invest in a variety of investments. Mutual funds allow for individuals to pool money together from multiple investors. The funds are then managed by a fund manager. That person will invest the cash into a variety of accounts with the goal of balancing risk and reward. Mutual funds are available in a variety of formats. In some situations, they can be established for long-term growth. That means the goal is to put money into them and leave the funds there long term to gain the most value. This creates lower risk for the investment. However, there are many other versions of mutual funds. Some are meant for faster earning potential but carry more risk.

Seniors can use mutual funds as a way to invest now, while they are in retirement. For those who want to gain insight and experience in this, it may help to start working with a fund manager with various levels of hands-on access. What?s more, seniors can invest in the types of companies they want to. For example, it is possible to invest in blue-chip companies, some of the most reliable and longest lasting companies. In other situations, seniors may wish to invest in organizations that are cutting edge or energy based.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an investment for seniors as it is for anyone. It is best to purchase life insurance at the youngest age possible as it will cost less. And, for investment purposes, whole life insurance is best. It allows individuals to pay into it over the term, often for 20 or more years. When an individual dies with a policy in place, the plan pays out a lump sum of money to whoever is named as the beneficiary. In some cases, these funds can go into a trust, which will allow the individual to leave the funds to whoever he or she desires.


Annuities are a type of investment strategy that pay out over the lifetime of the senior or to the named beneficiary. Generally, it is a fixed sum that is paid to the individual for the rest of his or her life. This is an excellent type of fund to have to help pay for retirement expenses.

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the options for investing for many people. During retirement, buying and selling homes is not always ideal. However, the home you own is an important retirement funding tool. For example, seniors can borrow against their home?s value during retirement through a reverse mortgage. They can also sell their home to buy additional real estate or, in some cases, use the value of their home to pay for long-term health care needs.

Any of these investment strategies can be a good option for seniors. However, each one requires a different funding goal and opportunity. Working with a financial planner can be the best step for seniors to take to build the portfolio they desire.

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