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AXA Retire Smart Review

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What you need to know about Retire Smart?
Retire Smart is a regular-pay, investment-linked insurance plan that helps strategically build a future fund you can use when you retire.

Build towards your goal
Retire Smart comes with four target date funds. Simply choose the fund closest to your retirement.

AXA’s professional fund managers maximize your money’s growth potential at the onset, then transitions towards less volatile investments to protect your money as your retirement approaches.

Here’s how the journey of your investment will look like: 

In addition, your plan automatically comes with the Waiver of Premium rider to secure your retirement fund regardless of uncertainties. With this, there is no need to pay future premiums in case you become Totally and Permanently Disabled before the age of 60.

Enjoy guaranteed protection
Choose if you want to prioritize life protection or investment growth by adjusting the life insurance coverage of your plan from 5-25x your annual payment.

Maximize your protection
For a nominal amount, enhance your plan with supplementary protection coverage in case of uncertainties to avoid adding financial stress to your family.