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Wave Nure

Wavenure srl, Milano



AI for Investing
Artificial Intelligence for Investment Decision Making, services, tools, and smart platforms to enable next generation Asset Management and Investment Advice.

Profit as a service
AI fueled prediction models, with integrated data-mining and Quant algorithms, leveraged for specific investment strategies, needs and goals.

Your new AI investment coach, with a blend of AI powered multi-strategies and portfolios, to find the best investment opportunities, and help you generate better results.

Our system Cognitive values a full range of financial markets, data, indicators and features; performs tests, optimizes strategies, timing and portfolios across full markets opportunities, to make smarter, faster, more profitable decisions.

WAVENURE solutions help banks and other financial institutions to enrich trading and wealth management services and empower their businesses.

Optimize your analysis and make your best decisions. Let you drive by artificial intelligence, save your time and gain better performances.

Traders & Investors
AI driven multiple time-horizons trading strategies and diversified portfolios to find the right investment strategy for you.

AI powered tools, trading strategies and portfolios via APIs for easy automated access to our AI system, trading signals, portfolios allocation and strategies simulation/backtest tools.

WAVENURE solutions and prediction models can be customized to cover client’s assets of interest and include proprietary data and specific investment approaches.

Profit sharing
Performance Sharing Model available for Investment Firms, Funds, Family Offices and Assets under our COGNITIVE Management.